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Guide - Inviting other members
As much of you know inviting other members is a good way to get point for the attribute "makes a positive contribution". However it is important that the person that you invite gets linked to you. Therefore this small tip. If you invite people use the referrer link. You can find this link under your User Control Panel.

[Image: iW6Ek4c.png]

The link looks like

[Image: cOaUzPr.png]

When the person that you invites clicks on the link your name will be already filled in as the referrer.

[Image: 5CIhnCS.png]

Please be aware who you invite though. If the people that you invite misbehave or have a very low contribution it will reflect negative on your contribution score.
Haha and writing "guides" is also a good way to get a positive contribution score is it not Dinnis??  Cool Big Grin
Dinnis your email is visible on one of your screen shots. You might want to block that out.
Wauw, thanks for spotting that. What a rookie mistake. I have corrected it.
Dinnis, thanks for the guide. I didnt know that inviting other members counts towards your positive contribution. How do we find out all the rules? Another question how did you get the images in your posts? I only seem to be able to upload them as attachments.

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