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The $CAN Airdrop
Guys, This is your change to get some free $CAN tokens. 

You need to sign up for an account with EARN.COM. Its an service where people need to pay you to email you. Pretty neat concept.

CanYa is partnering with to complete the biggest airdrop ever to’s 150,000 users. Over the course of January, Earn will work with CanYa to airdrop up to 500,000 CAN tokens to’s user base. Each user can earn between 2-5 CAN tokens (equivalent to $2-$5) by completing the following task. The tokens will be airdropped prior to 15 February 2018.

About CanYa
CanYa was Australia’s second largest ICO ever at $12m raised in December 2017, and went live on exchanges early January.
CanYa will be a fully decentralised, international platform for people to book and pay (or be paid) for both digital and home services, a multi-trillion dollar global market. The ecosystem is powered by the CanYaCoin, an ERC-20 token used for payments, subscriptions, rewards and fees.
CanYa has almost 60,000 users across their two platforms - the CanYa App and Bountysource - which is used regularly by world-class teams such as Microsoft, IBM, Facebook and Uber.

CAN tokens are currently being traded on the following exchanges:
  • Kucoin

  • AEX

  • Xbrick

  • Coss

  • Qryptos (starts 25 January 18)
Users who accumulate over 2500 CAN, are eligible for the CanYa HODL Club - an exclusive club with lifetime benefits and rewards.

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