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Evaluating Telegram pre-ICO
We are evaluating Telegram's pre-ICO

  • Telegram is planning a $2bn ICO ($850m pre-ICO)
  • Only ICO with global product behind it instead of just a whitepaper
  • More than 170 million monthly users,
  • Ambition is to create the TON platform and a cryptocurrency called Grams using it own blockchain.
  • pre sales will be in Feb 2018, ICO in March 2018
Discussion document here.
Exciting times. Here is the whitepaper:
How much do we need to raise between us?
Guys be carefull. This tonico might be a scam. They claim to have sold 394595 tokens

[Image: OxhAj8P.png]

But if you check their contract address (0x88436C2A2f427F2aa641dFd8c6763facf2Bad7bf) this is not the case. The power of a public blockchain Big Grin

[Image: xYyeKvv.png]
#5 was registered as domain 2 days ago yet they claim the funding started on the 10th.
Trying to access the whitepaper and doesn't load, I do believe it's a dodgy site trying to exploit people looking info for the telegram ico,

Back to the ico:

$850m pre-sale in Feb 18 minimum buy-in $20 million

Doesn it mean we would need to pool 20M to participate in the pre ico? And they would only have a maximum of 42 pools (or privates)?
Yes minimum investment is $20m The tonico site is a scam as well as I saw a tweet from Durov about it. Will link once I find it. You can download the whitepaper from here:
May be I misunderstood what I read in the source documents:
- TON platform is not a ready product and will be release by Q2 2019 (so at the moment it is just a whitepaper)
- $20M minimum entry: even if it is 60% discount it will be $6M!!! It seems something that only big wales can afford....with all risks related to that
- Assuming we enter, I understood that we can't sell before 30 months (1 year after they launch TON in major exchanges + 18 months lock up period for early investors). In this volatile market and regulations still to come and given the amount to invest I think having such a big amount locked up for so long it is very high risk.

I hope I misunderstood something.....

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