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Veterinary Scale Pricelist
MT-VWS01 Pet ultra-thin electronic platform scale

Product Features
1. 4 Satisfaction design multi-point sensor digital display, floor scale standard, large flat, large dog weighing is more convenient.
2. Ultra-thin design, the table top drawing is more beautiful.
3. The display is intelligently weighted, and the pet weighing is more flexible.
4. Made of high quality 304 stainless steel material, weighing in the range of 0-150 kg, to meet the needs of large dog weighing.

Length 1200 wide 600 high 65

Material Description
The main part of the multi-function treatment table is made of 1.2 mm material 304 drawing board. The grid is made of keel with a diameter of 8 mm and cross-weld with a diameter of 4 mm for the crosspiece.
Designed with 4 scales Large and ultra-thin countertops Weighing is more convenient.Veterinary Scale Pricelist

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