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Design for our Crypto Exchange
Ok I understand we want to create a link from thefiancegni to the different crypto exchanges. Hava made a start here. Comments welcome.

I think we should create a new page with balances in the UserCP.

[Image: FfSwNy8.png]

From there we can access the trading interfacein which we can specify which currency we want to trade, if its a marketorder or limit order, the amount, the price (when it is a market order there is no price field).

[Image: CkDNSGz.png]
This is very nice but maybe we should drop the ROI initially. The calculations could become very complicated. Lets say you buy your first BTC with USD and the next with LTC. How will you calculate the ROI? Unless you calculate everything back to the users main currency which we could set in settings.

We also would need to list the fiat balances of the user. Finally we need to list the open orders and the transactions (trades) that have been made.

Maybe we can create some shortcuts above the interface

It would be helpful to show the user what the max amount of coins he can buy given his current balance. In case he wants to sell all the coins of a certain type.  

Finally it would be helpful to list the current market price

See below my suggestions:

[Image: q7EQf7O.png]
This is looking good but I would putt all in one screen. At the top trading interface, below that open orders, below that balances. How much would it cost to create this plugin?
I estimate it for $3k.
Ok lets see if people want it. I will contribute $500. Can you coordinate Mahesha? @Beuntje and @Nerd404 Can you help as well?

What basic tables do we need?
We need to decide on the database structure. I think we need the following tables:

1 oid Primary        int(11)
2 uid                     int(11)
3 create_date       timestamp
4 closed_date       timestamp
5 pair                    char(6)
6 price                  decimal(16,8)
7 amount             decimal(16,8)
8 closed                tinyint(1)

1 ssid Primary      int(11)
2 uid                    int(11)
3 currency           char(3)
4 balance             decimal(16,8)
Great idea. Getting tired of all these exchanges that dont work (Kraken, Binance, etc.) I will contribute also $500.
I put together a quick app (MyBB plugin), here are the tables that I am using now:
        id                       smallint(5)  auto_increment
        user_id               int(11) 
        currency              varchar(6) 
        amount               DECIMAL(16,8)
        locked_funds       DECIMAL(16,8)
        exchange            varchar(15)
        last_updated       DATE

        id                       smallint(5) auto_increment,
        user_id                int(11)
        order_type           smallint(2)
        from_curr             varchar(6)
        to_curr                 varchar(6)
        amount                DECIMAL(16,8)
        price                    DECIMAL(16,8)
        exchange              varchar(15)
        status                   smallint(2)
        create_time           TIMESTAMP
        closed_time           TIMESTAMP

The screen is attached. 

Let me know your suggestions!

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I'd like to contribute too please Jack.
Here is the latest issue log:

[Image: LMLHfLU.png]

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