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Lets change the world
Thanks Jack for your inspiring talk about the potential of Crypto currencies in Africa. I also loved the story about Marife and have decided that I will try and find like minded people in Rwanda to make sure we are not missing the boat in Africa in participating in this financial revolution.

I wish I had heard about this earlier but if I don't try this I will live with regret for the rest of my life asking the 'what if' question.

This is an interesting article: 30 non financial use case of blockchain technology

So let me summarize what I see as the most promising opportunities:

1) Crypto as emergency fund. The fact that you can transact without the need for a 3rd party is a very strong capability. Check this video. (Thanks for the link Jack). Its like money under your mattress but better. We are still in a very volatile situation in Africa. Governments and alliances change rapidly. You can be at the top one day and at the bottom the next.
2) Tokenize everything. Just like the digitization of everything if we tokenize it has a lot of advantages. It would improve collaboration (easy to create shareholdings without all the admin overhead), increase foreign investments in Africa (easier to invest a small amount, in real estate for example, improve liquidity (easier to get in and out of your investment) which will give better price discovery, etc.
3) Identity and ownership, Since the blockchain is an immutable ledger this could solve a lot of land and property disputes we have in Africa. Dubai is doing the same thing and putting their land register on the blockchain.
4) Remittances, If we can create an crypto exchange in Rwanda it will improve remittances. People can buy bitcoin or whatever crypto in Europe with their EUR and sell on the crypto exchange in RWF.

These are just my first ideas. I will dedicate a few hours per week to see if i can move any of them forward.
Hi Vivian,

Love your idea's! I think they are great, would be great to bring them to South Africa too, as I believe they could fix many unresolved problems here.
Definitely idea's that we should move forward with.


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