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Water Purifier Made in China
Tana water cooler purifier has a double active carbon filter, a 0.6 micron filter and UV lamp.It produces hot and cold water at any temperature you like up to boiling point - all at the touch of a button. It can also be set to dispense a specific volume or variable volumes. 
Tana water cooler purifier has an automated alert regarding service check and filter change, and its revolutionary design & technology means that changing a filter is no more difficult than replacing a Video cassette or DVD. It also has energy save feature, all by digital display.
Tana water cooler purifier has an advanced filtration and UV purification system to ensure that the water you drink are the safest you can get.
Self programmable settings & Features
Simple user replacement of Filter & UV Lamp
Pre-settable dispensing volume
Exact Water Temperature Selection by user
Technical Specifications
Power50/60Hz - 115/220V
Cold Water40 cups/hour at 39°F-57°F (4°c-16°c)
Hot Water80 cups/hour at 197°F-204°F (92°c-96°c)
Weight31lb (14kg)
DimensionsH13.7" x W11.4" x D13.7"
(H35cm x W29cm x D35cm)
Filtration System0.6 Micron Double block activated carbon filter
UV lamp 11 Watts
ColorSilver / Red /White / Orange
PaymentT/T etc
StandardsWRAS, NSF, UL, CE
Export PortGuangdong ,chinaWater Purifier Made in China

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