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How to see your shares of ThehealthGNI
Hi, I decided to make a small guide for people on how to see their GNI shares

If you are running a full node its fairly simple. Your shares will show up in your wallet just like any other token or ICO on the ethereum blockchain. 

[Image: nFAe6RD.png]

However what if you dont want to run a full node? Then just use
  1. Make sure you are on the Rinkeby network
  2. Click on send Ether and Tokens
  3. Open your keystore file
[Image: eZwq57I.png]

Then in bottom right click on add custom token:

[Image: uw96qAl.png]

Then add:

  1. The token contract address, which is: 0xfad82efc5270eec851eccd1ea26cd8176d7f2bba
  2. The token symbol which is GNIs
  3. Decimals which is 0
[Image: mprLkYo.png]
Hit save and your shares should be visible in your wallet:
[Image: wPBpIYo.png]

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