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uPort Registrations
Quick competition. Build our uPort registration page

We need a page where people can register their uPort on theFinanceGNI. 

1) User need to be logged in to theFinanceGNI
2) Page shows uPort registration button
3) User clicks button and page collects his name, phone, avatar and location. 
4) Creates registration transaction on the blockchain (saves transaction hash)
5) Inserts in a mysql table: uPortid, userId (from thefinanceGNI, date of registration, transaction hash from step 4
6) Displays table with users in order of registration with (Name, Avatar, date of registration).

Reward $200 or $300 worth of theFinanceGNI shares.
Do you need pagination? How many people per page?
yes would be nice if we could use the standard MyBB pagination, like this:

[Image: 5remELj.png]
Actually I would propose that we create an additional field in the user table with his uPort registration id and a separate group called Shareholders. That way we can easily move people into that group once they have registered. You can show these people as part of the forum team from this link

[Image: bFs58q3.png]
Love It! And we can add uPort registrations to the User Control Panel.

[Image: CtChagN.png]

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