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Rail Cutting Machinery suppliers
Technical Parameters
1. Gasoline machine form: single-cylinder air-cooled two-stroke
2. Gasoline engine power: 5.8kw
3. Grinding wheel form: double reinforced screen
4. Maximum linear velocity: 100m / s
5. Rated speed: 5100 ± 100r / min
6. Grinding wheel size: φ 350 × φ 25.4 × thick  Degrees 3.8 / 4.2mm
7. Cutting accuracy: a. The incision is perpendicular to the longitudinal direction of the rail
Difference ≤0.40mm b. Plane deviation of the two-way cutting interface  ≤0.35mm
8. Cutting depth: 125mm
9. Cutting time: ≤ 120s (cut off 60kg / m rail)
10. Machine quality: 28kg
11. Fuel tank capacity: 1.25L
12. Dimension: 850 × 480 × 500mm
The scope of application
K1260 internal combustion cutting machine is a portable cutting rail road maintenance machinery. To import a small gasoline engine as the driving force, the pulley will be powered to the wheel shaft, driven cutting wheel rotation, to achieve the purpose of cutting the rail. The host and the clip rail device can be decomposed to carry, with small size, light weight, cutting rail speed, cutting section with high precision, easy to track, easy to use and so on. Applicable to 43 ~ 75kg / m various models of rails.
Safety code
1. Operation should wear protective glasses, gloves and other protective equipment.
2. Before cutting the machine should check whether the normal operation of the machine, grinding wheel is installed firmly.
3. Do not touch the gasoline engine exhaust pipe and part of the cylinder to avoid burns.
4. To the machine refueling must stop the machine to be cooled after, and away from fire, non-smoking.
5. Two-stroke gasoline engine using gasoline and oil mixed oil as fuel, absolutely prohibit the use of pure gasoline.
6. Gasoline engine before and after the start must be no-load low-speed operation 3 to 5 minutes, is strictly prohibited no-load high-speed high-speed operation and high-speed operation suddenly stop.
7. In the cutting process, the cut in front of the front and behind the station is strictly prohibited, so as not to hurt the wheel broken.
8. The gasoline engine must be closed when replacing the grinding wheel.Rail Cutting Machinery suppliers

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