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Welcome to self sovereign identity
Digital Identity is a major building block for our future Web 3.0. Here are some companies to watch in this space. 

The current model where we give pieces of our data to different websites, hoping they will keep it safe is surely broken. 

[Image: ibuIlqi.png]

It has resulted in our personal data being spread in a fragmented way all over the internet with sophisticated hacks taking place at an ever increasing pace. 

A much better model would be to put our data in a central safe. Highly encrypted and compartalised so we can give keys to entities that need access to particular sets of data and revoke the key as soon as they are done with it. 

[Image: ZZFxFhL.png]
Currently we only have two sections open to our public users (competitions and general). The rest is invite only given the sensitive nature of this topic.

So get involved. Show off your skill in this space, the sooner you will get an invite to the other sections.
Hi there Jack,

How does one get involved?

Hi Jess, I see that you asked this question to Jack but I hope you allow me to respond as I get this question asked a lot. My answer will be slightly generic but we need girls and guys like you with loads of passion, energy and a eagerness to learn.

This decentral organistion in which we are all shareholders is a bit of an experiment. We are building something together with a general direction but without all the details filled in. So you have a chance to contribute as much where we are we going and what are we going to to do and build question as to the actual activity of building itself.

Start with asking yourself what you are good at, passionate about or what skill you want to develop.

Are you a relationship person? Then you could show some of the things we already build to other people and see if they see a use for it. Or maybe you know good coders, you could bring them in. Are you an organizer? You could organize a competition, a meetup or a hackaton. Are you an innovator? You could post ideas on how we apply the capabilities that we are building, discuss them with others and get feedback. Are you a curator? You could rate and rank posts, or mark spam to the moderators. I certainly hope that you will rate this post from me either good or bad Cool

I hope I have given you some ideas on how you can help and get involved.
Hi Walter,

Thanks so much for the detailed explanation & reply. Helped a lot and I am always eager to learn new things!
I'd say I am quite innovative, perhaps I could post the ideas on how to apply the capabilities that you are building, discuss them with others on social media platforms and get feedback, like you said in your reply. I'd also enjoy organizing a meet up, I find networking is essential to build a good client base, as well as attract potential investors.

Thanks once again for explaining to me Smile

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