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Street epistemology on Runescape
I've been looking for a good why to practice street epistemology, and buy RS gold I think I've found it. I've been performing it in Runescape. In RuneScape game I've a great deal of cash so I go around offering individuals 50k or so to answer this question, do you believe in god, why or why not. It turns out that people I have encountered, which can be about 15, really want to go over the subject after I've paid them. They really want to talk about what they think and why. I have had hours and a couple of agnostics, and have generally made decent progress in acquiring them to apply logic and reason to their religious beliefs.

I convinced one guy to go so far as to start identifying as an agnostic atheist. It's seeming to be effective. I have even made a few friends. But my question to you is, would you think this is a fantastic idea? Because, to me, it seems like I've really been doing a job that is good at honing my skills and planting seeds of doubt and skepticism in people. I would maybe, one day, want to even make a YouTube channel from it. I believe that may be quite a good means.

A good question is why is this being done by me. In your case OP I think that it's a fantastic thing. You are actively challenging folks beliefs in a way which makes it discretionary. Sounds like your interviews and you have fun with it. My sole criticism is that people could be giving lip service to you. This is a excellent idea. I played runescape back in the afternoon. What a game. It sounds like an wonderful chance for practice. The more SE conversations the better in my opinion. Make the YouTube station for sure if you can. I would certainly watch Street epistemology conversations going on with runescape gameplay. It would be still another example of how adaptable his strategy is.

I am also an agnostic, but currently do not know if there are ways. I recognize that there are unreliable strategies to come to the conclusion that Gods (the common ones we know e.g Christian God Muslim God) exist. And therefore I don't believe in such Gods. However, I don't have some arguments to state that a God that is not could not exist. At the moment I lean towards the negative that God doesn't exist, but do not believe that it's a claim, could you help me out? (I know that is largely irrelevant to your article but I see that you have turned agnostics into re atheists.)

Or do you just believe god is a possibility but not a chance? I think that God is a possibility not a chance, and my difficulty is I don't have any way to confirm whether or not my confidence in believing there is no God is justified only because the Gods others believe probably don't exist. I believe I only indicate that I have justification to be relatively sure that Castle from religions do not exist, but I have no justification to cheap OSRS gold be confident that Gods generally don't exist. I hope that makes sense.

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