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cheap Promotional Towel
Anhui Forestwind Home Textile Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of towel. Mainly engaged in the towel products, and bedding sets as a supplement, with an annual output value of 0.5 billion USD. In the production equipment, process technology , product quality, international influence are among the best, with respect to the international and domestic towel industry manufacturers, called the towel industry model and the model of the factory.  Anhui Forestwind Home Textile Co., Ltd have specialized in towel field from 1992 years and is mainly supplies to Disney, Wal Mart, Carrefour, L'Oreal, Avon and Corona, several multi department stores and international well-known brand companies.

Anhui Forestwind Home Textile co., ltd. through years of continuous efforts, innovation and development, the company has formed two unique characteristics of the industry's advantages:
Quality advantages: 100 sets of jet towel loom launched operation, completely broke the bottleneck of the grade of the towel, the machine under the stable quality of 98% or more. 7 sets of fully automatic computer screen printing machine, 1 sets of computer scraper printing machine, function and give full play to the extreme, products chromatic number can break machine design ability, without restriction.
Price advantage: the superior geographical environment, coupled with modern assembly line equipment, professional skill talented and dedicated management team, effectively ensuring the perfect the efficient operation of the production, product quality and cost significant savings, in the product price competition, natural advantages obviously.

cheap Promotional Towel

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