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Customized Ship Building Gantry Crane
Product Description
1. Max. loading: 900T
2. Lifting height: 120M
3. Span: 185M
4. Factory customized design

Ship building gantry crane introduction:
Shipbuilding gantry crane is a type of gantry crane with heavy lifting load, large span and high lifting altitude, is special for fragmented transport, end-to-end joint and turning operation of large ship hulls.
Shipbuilding gantry crane features
1. Main electrics : Schneider;
2. Multiple functions of single hanging, hoisting, turnover in the  air,slight horizontal turnover in the air and so on, flexible for shipyard working
3. Two models: single girder and double girder. To rationally utilize materials, the girder adopts optimum design of variable section;
4. The upper crab has two main hooks, which are separately fixed at the outside of the girder, stronger hook design.
5.The lower crab trolley has a main hook and a secondary hook, which are fixed at the center of the two girders
6. Both the upper crab trolley and the lower crab trolley can cross working separately
7.All operating mechanism employ frequency control,it will make a accurate speed more efficient  to normal work.
8. On the top of the girder at the side of rigid leg is equipped a jib crane to accomplish maintenance of upper and lower crabs
9. And we could also install a wire rope electric hoist to do the maintenance work
10.To prevent storm attack, such safe and reliable antiwind devices as rail clamp  and ground anchor are furnished.Customized Ship Building Gantry Crane

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