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wholesale Cover Lenses
Glass cover lenses for touch screen
21.5 inch dual holes dual colors glass cover lenses
Product Description
High Quality Customized touch screen glass panel/glass cover for electronical devices, tempered/toughened glass
Application & Specification:
1: Wide Rang Application: custom touch switch panel, display lens of electronic device, touch screens/digitizers, housings, indicator in the public place, optical lens, screen touch panel, visible cover/panels in front of medical equipment, smart household, LCD display panel, lens on the decorative function machine or operating system, autos, mobiles, aeroplane , military on so on.
2. Raw glass material: Gorilla glass AGC glass and domestic brand (glass and PMMA sheet)
3. Tolerance: 0.03-0.05mm
4. Holes, edges, shape: customized
5. OEM/ODM: available
6. Function: decorate, touch screen, front frame, covers,
7. Appearance and Feature: extra clear, high hardness-6H,7H,9H, anti-scratched, anti-reflective, anti-shock, anti-AR/AF, color coated glass, frosting, matt, anti-glare, anti-UV etc.
8. Thickness : 0.18mm, 0.2mm, 0.33, 0.5mm, 0.6mm, 0.9mm,0,95mm,1.0mm 1.1mm,1.2mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm, 4.0mm, 5.0mm,6.0mm etc.
9. Finished product name: Silk printed glass panel, glass lens, cover pane, acrylic sheet, decorate covers, touch switch glass panel, smart phone battery covers/panels, tempered/toughened glass, anti-scratched acrylic sheet etc.

Processing & Advantage:
All our glass/PMMA products processed by CNC machinery, non dust silkscreen workshop, vacuum metalizing room, optical coating production line, pack and checking line will be the final support.
1. Cut glass: water cut, automatic straight line cutter and so on.
2. All kinds of edges and holes, irregular shape processing with CNC edges polishing machine, shape cutters, shape plate/edges grinding machine and holes drilling machine and so on.
3. Physical and Chemical tempered furnace
4. Surface treatment: laser mark machines, non dust silkscreen workshop, optical coating production line.
5. Testing equippments support the high quality.
6. Efficient production capability—skilled worker, innovative designer and PE & QA engineers
1.Q: What is your main business?
A: Bonding display, touch panel, glass cover, cover lens.
2.Q: Do you have your own factory?
A: Yes, we do design, production and sales.
3.Q: What is your quality check process?
A: We have testing tool to test our products 100% before shipping.
4.Q: How about warranty?
A: Our warranty is one year for consumer products and three years for industry products.
5.Q: Can you do customized displays?
A: Yes, we have customized more than 900 kinds of irregular displays.
6.Q: Can we use our logo?
A: Yes, we will put your logo on as you required.
7.Q: What is the payment term?
A: T/T 30% in advance, 70% before shipment for touch panel.
T/T 50% in advance, 50% before shipment for bonding display.
8.Q: Can you produce finished products?
A: Yes, we have produced teaching-learning machines for schools.
9.Q: How long we could get respond from your side?
A: Within 24 working hours.
10.Q: How many people do you have in your factory?
A: We have more than 400 staff for working lines.
11.Q: Where is your factory?
A: Our factory is based in Yibin, Sichuan province, in the southeast of China. It is wine city, has very famous wine, wuliangye, mellow wine made of 5 kinds of cereals.
12.Q: Does your product pass CE or any another certificates?
A: Yes, our products have passed CE. And we could help you to get other certificates as you required.
13.Q: Where is your headquarters?
A: Our headquarters is based in Shenzhen, including R&D, sales, finance, HR, quality departments.
14.Q: What is your production capacity?
A: Our monthly capacity is 300,000pcs to 500,000pcs.
15.Q: When was your company established?
A: Our company was established in early 2009. We have near 10 years of experience for bonding display, touch panel, glass cover business.wholesale Cover Lenses

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