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uPort Blockchain and Identity Hackathon
We are participating in the ConsenSys / Topcoder Blockchain Hackathon.

[Image: tB3FqiC.png]

This hackathon is centered around uPort. uPort is a self-sovereign identity and data platform that enables users to register a globally unique identifier to the Ethereum blockchain, giving users control over their identity, private keys, user accounts, and private data. The uPort ID app (AndroidiOS) is a mobile identity wallet that stores private keys and serves as the foundation for interacting with Ethereum and web 2.0 applications: login without passwords; receive, issue, and request attestations, verifications, and credentials; digitally sign blockchain transactions and other types of data.

uPort is Ethereum's user platform, with a set of developer solutions designed to make building Ethereum applications simple and user friendly. With our mission of making Ethereum accessible for all users, the goal of the Hackathon is to leverage the uPort platform to build exciting new use cases that can help realize the promise of blockchain-based ID for everyone.

Here are a few of the uPort platform's core features for developers to leverage:

  • Simple onboarding and single sign-on to applications without passwords or security concerns

  • Issue and request signed statements in the form of user data: attestations, verifications, certificates, badges, and more

  • Digitally sign blockchain transactions, legal documents, and other types of user data with TouchID authentication

Examples of applications of uPort's platform

  1. Identity and document verification service
    uPort and the Brazil Ministry of Planning

  2. Blockchain-based ID registration for citizens of Zug, Switzerland
    First citizen ID registered on Ethereum in Zug

  3. Issue badge verifying user attendance at a conference
    uPort at Ethereal SF and Devcon3

Potential ideas
  1. Way for third parties to have verified identity status (e.g., link to social media accounts or URLs) 

  2. App to issue uPort credentials from one identity to another (e.g., topcoder badge that can be issued to hackathon participants)

  3. Social or communication app, with closed network accessed with a uPort credential 

  4. App to verify credentials granted on a public blockchain 

  5. Issue tickets for access to events via uPort credentials 

  6. Simple user-friendly application for notarizing documents

Dev Resources:
  1. uPort Developer Site with guides and docs:

  2. Github:

  3. Medium:

  4. Gitter:

Desired Output

Our objective is to get demo applications from developers building on our developer platform for exciting new use cases, with IP open sourced on Github and top projects featured on our platforms. 

Review Criteria
Projects will be evaluated by the uPort team with equal weight on each of :
20% Value of the core idea
20% Demonstration of a uPort functionality 
20% Viability as a product or feature
20% Compelling and exciting demo
20% Quality of the supporting designs and documentation 

Checkpoint Submission
We’ll have checkpoint deadline on Dec 7, 9:00 ET. All submissions done prior to this moment will be passed to the uPort team of judges to get their feedback on your solution. The feedback will be emailed to the address you used to register at Topcoder platform in a few days. Submitting to the checkpoint is optional, but obviously a good chance to get viable feedback and succeed in the competition.

Final Submission Guidelines
Our final submission should include the source code and deployment documentation; explanation of what your solution does and how it should be used / verified (feel free to provide a document and/or video); optionally, the link to the deployed solution, for the ease of testing.

Checkpoint submission may include the code version you have at the moment, along with a brief document commenting what are you implementing, what can be tried with your current version of code already, and how the missing pieces of functionality will work. In principle, you can submit just a description of your idea, to evaluate it, if you are sure you are going to implement it between the checkpoint and the end of the challenge.
Great. Thanks for organising. I like to participate. So we should first define what it is that we are going to build? Might make send just to model the banks KYC process?
Well the project evaluation criteria are as follows:

Quote:Review Criteria
Projects will be evaluated by the uPort team with equal weight on each of :
20% Value of the core idea
20% Demonstration of a uPort functionality
20% Viability as a product or feature
20% Compelling and exciting demo
20% Quality of the supporting designs and documentation

Since 20% is on demonstration of uPort functionality I think we should tackle a problem that brings out the strengths of uPort
I agree @Tonko. I think the following dApp would be a great use case:

Issuing of tickets that are not transferable without approval from the issuer.

I have a very senior friend in Fifa. One of their big headaches is the black market in tickets. Ticket touts use all kind of ways to buy multiple amounts of tickets. Multiple credit cards, etc. With this app FIFA could control how many tickets can be bought per person. Also when the person checks in for the match we can see if the ticket is still being held by the person who bought it. Fifa could demand that if people want to sell their ticket they would only be able to do so at FIFA approved channels. 

Anyway i think this would be a powerfull dApp. Let me have your feedback.
This uPort is really powerful. I tried a few things. I am keen in this.

The things that we can build are:
1. KYC for banks
2. KYC for Insurance
3. Profiles sharing for hiring
4. Education background verification by companies
5. Health records
maheshcv, I like the education background verification. Have you managed to get a verification working with uPort? We could issue some badges and discuss with Universities?
What I think is also powerful is that you can check a fact but you dont have to give all the information about that fact. Consider the example of your birthday. Facebook might demand that you are over 13 years old to use their site. With uPort they could check this without you providing them with your actual date of birth. Similar a bank can demand that you earn more that $2000 per month for a certain product but you dont have to give them your actual salary. Can we build this example in as well as I think this is another great advantage.
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