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wholesale Pathology Prepared Slides
Xinxiang Yuanhang Teaching Equipment Co.,Ltd focuses on product quality, strictly controls production costs, and makes customers satisfied. Our aim is to maintain close cooperation with customers in the long run. Adhering to the "humanized management integrity spirit, the pursuit of excellence", "do I have no people, I have gifted, gifted people I change", to provide the best quality service for customers! We are looking forward to their valuable comments and suggestions from every friend, hand in hand with the new and old customers and create a better tomorrow! Take orders at home and abroad, welcome customized drawings and samples! Welcome to inquire negotiate!
Yuanhang Teaching Equipment has accumulated rich experience in the field of biological slicing and other laboratory supplies and equipment production and sales, and has strong technical strength and strong product development capabilities. It is widely applied to experimental teaching in Institutions of higher learning and primary and secondary schools at home and abroad, such as agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, medicine, normal schools, scientific research institutions, etc., which involves various fields of education.
Product: microscopic specimens, animal and plant specimens, animal and plant specimens, organic material embedded specimens (crystal specimens), model (medical experimental teaching model, teaching model), human pathology, histology and embryology, parasitology, medicine, microbiology, sign of plant pathology, zoology and botany class microscope slide, anatomical specimen, anatomical specimens, plastication specimens of each fault, anatomy model, vascular cast specimens and other products.
Engineering: the construction of biochemical physics laboratory, the construction of campus broadcasting, and the construction of multimedia classrooms.
The herbarium includes: specimen collection hall, medicinal specimen collection hall, leaf specimen collection hall, biorecorve Museum, animal specimen museum, herbarium, animal and plant specimen collection hall, simulated ecological specimen museum, ecological park, biologic garden, herbarium, historical room, geographical room, etc.
Professional production: specimens, pathological specimens, pathological specimens, histological sections, plasticizing specimens, bio chips, bone specimens, slice parasites, microbial slice, slices of Chinese medicine, plant slices, microscope slides, microscopic sections, pathological and pathological specimens, specimens, biological specimens, plant pathology section, plant pathology, animal pathology, human pathology biopsy, biological microscope slide, animal section, animal histology, parasite load, microbial load, microbial smear, Chinese medicine teaching section, medical section, teaching sections, gross specimens, specimens, specimens, cast specimens, laminating plant specimens, stripping specimens, anatomical specimens, sectional specimens, insect specimens, animal specimens, injectable specimens, butterflies, dried specimens, embryo, specimen, specimen, biology section, histology and Embryology cut Slice, botanical section, life history specimen, botanical section, medical parasitology section, microbiological section, biological specimen, parasite specimen, biological microscope, microscope, astronomical glasses, eyeglasses, specimen bottles, Petri dishes, beaker, and chemical glass.wholesale Pathology Prepared Slides

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