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Companies and Blockchain Tech
Mastercard Patents Blockchain Tech For Instant Payments
Mastercard continues pro-Blockchain stance with new payment patent.

SAP has an innovative way of exploring blockchain:

Seoul Govt Selects Samsung SDS for City-Wide Blockchain Project
The metropolitan government of Seoul has chosen Samsung SDS to draw a roadmap to apply blockchain technology to the city’s administration.
The city government has already identified a number of sectors for blockchain applications including welfare, safety, traffic and other municipal affairs. Initial applications will see blockchain’s core characteristic as a secure, immutable ledger used for recording personal information of citizens, paying out unemployed youth allowances and the sale of used car deeds. The ultimate goal? To broadly expand civic convenience and administrative transparency with blockchain technology powering the city’s entire municipal administration in four years.
Does anyone really care if these guys patent things ? I mean, really. Blockchain isn't complicated and not rocket science. Why do they think its so good to patent their "findings" ?
Perhaps because patent breaches will become a new revenue source or they may charge to licence useage?
Have you read any of the 2000+ blockchain patents?
But it doesn't make sense: Why patent something when its already public knowledge.

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