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How can blockchain be useful in Healthcare?
Just curious. Anybody any good examples?
In my view Blockchain technologies hold a great deal of promise for:
  • managing and securing patient data, your data is an important asset. Companies like 23andme give away cheap DNA testing but in return you give up your data. Blockchain technology can help in letting patients monetize their data while protecting how much privacy they need to give up for that. In a study of 13,000 people, 86 percent worried about what would happen if a researcher misused their genetic data for example.
  • enabling greater payments efficiency, healthcare is an ecosystem with many participants (and middle man) in the chain. Blockchain technology can make this chain more efficient
  • bringing together disconnected parties across the healthcare ecosystem, data is spread over many different parties, doctors insurers, hospitals, etc. Blockchain can help bringing all these together
Not sure this works. Once money is in the picture, people might very well start behaving in a way to optimise their returns.  They start answering surveys in a manner that makes their data more interesting.

Also this would require a lot of storage. One gnome file requires 5-6Gb in storage.

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