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How to execute Quicken Online Backup? - Norahbailey - 08-08-2020

Quicken online backup can be done on both Windows and Mac computers. You can use a hard disk, USB flash drive, and use Dropbox for online backup. You can follow this process to backup using Dropbox, open the Quicken program, and click the File tab, now go to Backup and Restore. Further, you need to click Backup Quicken File, now choose Dropbox (✔mark Add date to the backup file name, to recognize the file easily). You will see the location where the backup file will be saved; you can alter it by clicking Change and selecting the required location. Click Backup Now, further, you can verify the selected location with .QDF-backup as an extension name.

RE: How to execute Quicken Online Backup? - Lewis-H - 08-12-2020

Back up in Quicken for Windows
Select File > Backup and Restore > Backup Quicken File...
You'll have two options for backing up your data: you can back up to your computer or an external drive (like a USB thumb drive), or, you can use Dropbox.